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POS Main Screen

Last Updated: Sep 03, 2018 08:56AM PDT
This is the main POS interface.

Actions Tab Functions



Cash Register - This will show the total expected cash in the cash drawer.

Customers - 


Customer Lookup - Allows your employees to search existing customers on your CRM.

Return Customers - This feature lets your employee recall a certain transaction using the POS ID and invoice number.

Work Order - 

Invoice Lookup - 

Manual Scan - Allows you search an item/product using its SKU.

Inventory count - This will let the employee manually enter the inventory count at the store.

There are 2 ways to do an inventory count. Per item or Bulk count. Click HERE for more information about inventory count.

Sample of inventory count per item.

Sample of inventory count per category.

Price Override - 

Cash Drawer - 

Purchase Order - Allows the employees to request/receive items from the warehouse to the location. Click HERE for more information about Purchase Order.

Click HERE for more information about Vendor PO.

Damaged / Missing Items - Allows your employees to mark if an item is missing or damaged.


Tax Exemption - 


Sales Summary - View the summary of the overall sales on the location. You can also specify the date of the report.


Detailed Sales Report - A summary of each transaction that was made on a specific date.


Employee Report - This report will show the clock in/outs and sales summary of an employee.

Sales Blitz - This will show you the ranking of which location/employee sold the most.

Cash Register Activity - 

Demo Exchange - This allows your employee to set a number of items into a DEMO product.

Launch Web Browser - 

POS Icons

Empty Cart - Clear items on the sales cart.

Suspend Sale -  Allows your employee to suspend a current transaction to accommodate another customer. The suspended transaction can be resumed by clicking on resume. (play icon)

Receipt Lookup - Allows your employee to look up receipts to reprint, refund or do an exchange. Opted to either search by receipt number (POS ID and invoice number) or search by credit card.

Time Clock - Here is where your employees clock in/out, it requires a username and a password to clock in. (you can clock in multiple employees at the same time)


Sync - Allows you to manually synchronize your POS and admin site
Payments - This is where you finalize the transaction. Here you can do a Cash, Credit card and check transactions. You can also use gift cards, coupons and custom payments.


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