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Sales Under Minimum Pricing

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018 01:20PM PDT

LivePOS has the ability to enforce a minimum sale price on a product. However, there are occasions when this restriction needs to be temporarily disabled to allow an employee to finalize a sale.

  1. Login to your LivePOS Online Dashboard and go to Locations > Edit POS Settings

  1. Under Sales Process, check on the Allow Selling Under Minimum Pricing box
  2. Click on Update to Finalize

  1. On your POS, Click on the SYNC icon to apply the changes that were made on your LivePOS Online Dashboard
  2. Now, when you add an item to the card and update the price below the minimum price allowed, a GA (Get Approval) button will appear.
  3. Click on the GA button

  1. The manager assigned to the Location will receive an email with the details of the request. Click "HERE" to approve or deny the request.

  1. After the approval, click on the refresh icon on the POS. A flashing "Approved" message will appear.

  1. Now you can continue with the sale

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